Monday, July 16, 2012

Experts Day 1 - Monday July 9, 2012

Monday around 11am we met the experts who had flown in from around the country in the lobby of their hotel and then walked over to Temple Square for a special tour that was conducted by Pres. and Sister Bennion, some missionaries, and a director of public affairs for the LDS church.   It was interesting to be taken on a VIP tour and learn more information about Temple Square and the Conference Center.  

After the tour we headed to "The Garden" for lunch.  We ended up having to sit at two different tables since we were such a large group.  We had time to visit, learn more about each other, and learn from one another.  
 Bill Evers was a hoot and loved to share his wealth of information with us and we enjoyed listening.  
Jamie Gass with Janette Hall and JaKell Sullivan.  He has been such a huge help in this process of learning and I don't know that you could find a more humble, knowledgeable, kind person.   

Kent Talbert, a top lawyer on education out of Washington DC was also there.  He is a wealth of knowledge  and also very kind.  He is also very well read and did a great job presenting the legality issues with Common Core.
 Emmett McGroarty is also a lawyer and very sharp.  I would say he is a "deep thinker and analyzer".  He is also been the key player in working with Alisa and orchestrating this whole week of events.  He has been such a huge resource to us. 
Also, another instrumental player has been Judge Norm Jackson.  Kevin really enjoyed learning from him and he is a very humble and wise man.  I especially enjoy his little sense of humor and watching him interact with his daughter.  
 After lunch, we met in the lobby to strategize and finalize for the meeting with the governor at 4:00pm.  

 What an amazing group of individuals.  I feel so blessed to have formed these friendships. 
These are the five gentlemen that presented to the governor.  Well, the Judge didn't actually get to present to the governor because he left before it was his turn.  He was so funny, he said, "can someone turn on the air in here?"  He was trying to lighten the mood and was referring to that the discussion was getting a little heated.  But, I don't think they got it.   Christine Kearl just responded that she'd already made the same request.
My analysis of the meeting was that the governor entered with a chip on his shoulder and was less than enthusiatic about what Alisa had put together for her meeting with him.  There were about 20 individuals in attendance.  It was Gov. Gary Herbert, Lt. Gov. Greg Bell, Christine Kearl- governor's education director, John Pierce - governor's legal adviser, a few senators and representatives, and then all of us including the five experts.

 The Three Heber Moms-  Renee, Christel and Alisa.  I can honestly say that this experience has changed my life and my families for the better.   
Then we headed over to the radio station for an interview with Rod Arquette.  He did an hour long interview and helped greatly to promote our public forum that was held the following evening.   We shared the famous red flyer with Kent and Jamie.  It was sent out before the state convention to make delegates aware of Common Core and it raised quite a stir around the state and with the governor.  
 It was fun to watch the radio show in progress and visit with each other.  
Rod Arquette has been awesome and really helped spread the word.  He is so well-read and really understands the issues with Common Core. 
 Alisa and I jumped in for a photo op.  
After this we headed to Red Iquana II for dinner and conversation.  What a great group of men and so fun to visit and learn from their experiences.  What a blessing, I had to keep pinching myself because it was a bit of a dream to come to this point. 

Jamie Gass on Rod Aquette on Friday July 6, 2012.  
Link to the Podcast of Monday's show July 9, 2012 with Emmett McGroarty and Bill Evers.  


  1. Great pictures and what a week. Miracles are happening.