The school board is tomorrow night at 6:30 at Wasatch School District Offices!  All public welcome!

Dear Board Members and Supt. Shoemaker and Mr. Judd,

I really hope this is the LAST comment that I ever need to make regarding the privacy policy in Wasatch School District.   I have learned a lot in the process, but it has equally been a drain.   I hope that the board seriously understands the deep and real concerns of the people that elected you to represent us. 

I have spoken in length to Mr. Judd and Deb Jones trying to understand their concerns in regards to the policy as well as address mine and others concerns and I think I may have found a solution.

Mr. Judd stated that the district was patterning their policy after Alpine School District and preferred a simple policy that would not need to be frequently revisited for revisions.  So, I read over Alpine's policy:

Policy No. 5300
(Ref:) Rules and Regulations No. 5300
(Ref:) Procedure No. 5300
  1. 1.1 It is the policy of Alpine School District to protect the rights and privacy of students and patrons of the District by giving advance disclosure and by obtaining parental permission prior to obtaining certain information and before offering certain instruction. The terms of this policy are intended to be consistent with the laws of the State of Utah (§ 53A-13-302 (2) and (3) U.C.A).
Board Approved: 7/9/96
Board Approved: October 11, 2005

I was unsure what UCA meant and so was Mr. Judd, he and I both assumed that it may mean something related to the United States Code.  I called ASD and spoke to Justin, the Student Services Director, and we were both wrong!  He told me that it was an acronym for Utah Code Annotated.  I clarified with him that this meant that ASD's privacy policy only cites compliance with Utah law and doesn't reference federal law and he said, yes.  

My recommendation is that we adopt a parallel policy as ASD.  This would fulfill the board's requirement of having a short simple policy that they don't need to frequently revisit and satisfy the public's concern of NOT having a policy that is in compliance with federal laws/regulations that we may or may not agree with.  I really think this is a win-win!  

It  would also be great for the district because if there is a contrast between the state and federal law, it can be handled at a state level and the district doesn't have to get involved.  What a blessing and savings!

Renee' Braddy